I must admit I had my team queued up to tackle this as a project. We had wireframes, etc. Then it hit me where is the value added?

I couldn’t answer my own question so we shelved the project. For those of you who don’t know what I mean here are a few examples of social media mashups

*NOTE* I am not hating on these teams or these outcomes, I was looking to do something very similar to these when I had it in our project queue. These are very well done.

My issue is that people want to interact with social media on their platforms, here are a few assumptions:

  • People go to facebook.com or use a mobile app
  • People go to twitter.com, use a desktop or mobile app

So where are we adding value by creating an immersive experience where people have to leave their preferred site?

In my mind this is a much more ideal approach Boston University Social Media Directory. People can get a listing of all the accounts and then interact on their terms.

Here is a post by Patrick Powers with his take on SM hubs.

What do you think?