Imagine this scenario: a student gets sent to financial aid to take care of an issue only when they arrived the registrar has places a hold and they are sent across campus

This is a scenario that has played out on most college campuses. We have a separate office for each enrollment function. We push our division of enrollment departmental structure on the students though they are full of overlap for most common student needs. Based on an “in real life” (IRL) initiative to handle current student enrollment needs via one aligned and cross trained front called Concierge Enrollment we had the opportunity to create the online presence to align these offices.

So what does this look like?

FIU One Stop Enrollment

When we went to start this project we determined that IA would be one of the most important parts of this project. We needed to break down the ORG Chart structure and look at common functions and tasks that students needed to complete.

We had a few good examples from higher ed to look at

From these we wanted or have a portal type of layout where people could quickly get the info they needed and move on. We tried to break the sections up by easily identifiable and common terms rather than the someones very internalized enrollment terms.

Our biggest milestone thus far is just this past week we were able to shut down our old financial aid and registrar sites and move to this streamlined and centralized model. But in the end I think the biggest success will be in marrying a cross unit team to a website that mimics the functionality of their team.

See our work at

3 thoughts to “How you can be successful with a one stop centralized enrollment model

  • Andrew Careaga

    Nice work with the “one stop” website! And a great idea. On our campus, the enrollment management department set up a physical “student success center” for providing centralized assistance but we don’t really have a digital counterpart for that. This is a good idea.

    • mherzber

      Yeah it was great to be able to take a “in real life” initiative and make online component to realize it. I think it has even helped shape the in person model.

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