Since I know people are always looking for calendars I thought I would mention that we just open sourced ours today

Here is a live example

Here is the github repo

We would love to be able to collaborate with other institutions to make this a stronger tool. For those of you here on campus feel free to contribute to the core of the project.


  • Multiple calendars
  • RSS/ iCAL / hcal / pdf
  • Multi tiered calendars
  • Embedding via RSS, play and play snippets
  • Memcached
  • Approval queue
  • Multiple users and user roles/ permissions
  • Featured events

Why did we not use UNL calendar:

Yes we did look at UNL cal and I think it is a great cal. I have recommended it quite a few times to others.

Some of the main reasons we choose to build our own

  • Framework we decided to go with CakePHP which was in our wheelhouse, UNL was built with PEAR
  • We wanted more controls for sovern multi tiered calendars IE There could be a dept which feeds to a college which feeds to main.
  • Internal per event moderation
  • Pull in external iCal events from other calendar systems

Otherwise, we have most all the same functionality of the UNL cal but these were the main things we see that are different.

Let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions.