About Matt

Matt is the Sr. Director of Web Strategy at Creighton University. He has more than thirteen years of Web experience with ten years in higher education. Matt started in the corporate world as a production assistant for a higher ed web design agency where he produced sites for various universities and colleges. He then moved into higher education as a designer and strategist for various higher ed institutions. Matt is active in both the higher ed and local Omaha communities in advocating for the use of web technologies as a speaker and community leader in both. He is also a co-founder of the BlogHighEd blog network. Matt is a member of the HighEdWeb Associated Membership and Leadership Academy Committees.

LinkedIn Recommendations

  • “Matt is smart, direct, and a problem-solver. If he doesn’t have a solution for you right away, just wait a half-hour and he will have figured it out. Matt is an innovator and always takes the initiative in trying to find ways to enhance FIU’s web presence. It’s never boring with Matt on your team.”
  • “Matt has extensive knowledge of web development, best practices, and managing a web team. I am very impressed with his work on the FIU website, especially their campus map. Matt always has his finger on the pulse of web trends, including accessibility. I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Matt on any project. I would also highly recommend him for any role he may seek!”
  • “Matt has incredible insight in to solutions that can be applied in multiple settings. His collaborative approach to problem solving has created some amazing products for within and outside higher education. I have worked with Matt on multiple projects and presentations at national conferences. His work ethic is high and he knows how to get the job done with the resources available to him. He isn’t afraid to take on new opportunities and brings a sense of purpose to anyone working on the team with him.”
  • “I have worked with Matt on several professional development webinars including Higher Ed Experts Website Redesign Boot Camp. Matt has an impressive expertise in higher ed web communications and operations. He is a fantastic presenter, a great professional and a true higher ed expert with great ethics.”
  • “Matt is a strategic, forward-thinking digital strategist, speaker and leader. Throughout my career, he has repeatedly been present and established at each new turn in technology and has always been ready to lend an ear and experience. Matt is a leader in higher education digital marketing and an amazing colleague. I highly recommend him!”

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