Crisis communications the unplanned scenarios

When running our emergency scenarios we many times focus on perfectly packaged events in which things all going as planned. This goes against the very idea of a crisis, things are not planned.

Here are a few scenarios or situations I think are worth looking into:

  • Immediate evacuation of all of campus – everyone including communications/ emergency management staff have to leave campus immediately
  • Key administrators gone – people with which things tend to be run by are not around (E.G. President, Provost, Director of Emergency Management, Director of Media Relations)
  • Operations Center unavailable – all the systems and solutions you had planned to use are no longer able to be put in play, can you go manual
  • Campus technology infrastructure goes down – servers, email, phone lines, etc
  • Others I didn’t think of

Please leave comments to scenarios I may not have thought of or how you would handle the above situations in the comments

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