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What are we not doing well – reflections on the higher ed community

I have been thinking about lots of things strategy-wise recently, things that I need to work on and decided to open it up to the bigger community. I do have a future post in the works about what we are … Continue reading

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How you can be successful with a one stop centralized enrollment model

Imagine this scenario: a student gets sent to financial aid to take care of an issue only when they arrived the registrar has places a hold and they are sent across campus This is a scenario that has played out … Continue reading

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What we can learn about event coverage from the “second screen” tv experience

While watching an episode of Conan I saw an ad for the Conan second screen experience called the “Team Coco” app. For those of you who have not heard of it, it encourages you to watch the TV show and … Continue reading

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How a timid marketer can become comfortable with web

I have worked many a time with people who are competent and confident marketers who are intimidated by the web. When I encounter someone who is having this experience I always talk to them about their marketing goals, what they … Continue reading

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What social media can teach us about marketing in other mediums

Social media has brought about one of the biggest shifts in marketing and communications planning in years. Many are still trying to catch up. We should spend some time reflecting on what social media can teach us about marketing via … Continue reading

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Build YOUR institutions “right” web team

You now have your ducks in a row and are getting the resources you have desired. How do your build the right team? Get your mission and campus needs and it is easy. In order to provide web leadership for … Continue reading

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Moving from an army of one to a team of many

It a hard transition to go from doing it all to breaking up responsibilities and relying on others to do things at the caliber you expect but it is necessary to be a successful leader or team member. Thinking back about my transition over the last … Continue reading

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Crisis communications the unplanned scenarios

When running our emergency scenarios we many times focus on perfectly packaged events in which things all going as planned. This goes against the very idea of a crisis, things are not planned. Here are a few scenarios or situations … Continue reading

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CMS selection for YOUR institution

On all higher ed web listservs there is a monthly discussion that comes up about what CMS to select. My advice trust no one, myself included. Content management system selection is a long, unsexy process but it is a process … Continue reading

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Social medias role during a crisis

Many times I think people look at social media as one of the mediums where you canned releases or text messages go. I think this is a bad practice, social media needs more of a focus and more immediacy in an emergency … Continue reading

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